Body Dental Health

Body Dental Health 

Total Body Dental Health, today 49 out of 50 patients recognize there is a clear […]

Along the way..make sure you have a happy healthy life. 

I observe and listen to people from all levels of our diverse society.  As I […]


Toxic Teeth 

Do you have Toxic Teeth? What is more constant than change? Nothing! This is as […]

Dr. Anthony Adams

What does it take to be healthly by Dr. Anthony Adams 

Doctor Adam believes to be healthy, we must recognize and be responsible to the facts. […]

Healthy Mouth

The Importance of Proper Vitamin Levels 

Did you ever wonder why some people get cavities when they do everything correct? They […]

Anthony J Adams DDS in his office

Future of dentistry 

What’s on my mind?   Forward or Behind.   Let’s talk forward first.   The […]

Your Team


There has never been a nation with better potential for good health that the United […]

Cherry - Pistachio Salmon Recipe

Wild Alaskan Salmon 

With cherries in season try this Wild Alaskan Salmon recipe Pistachio-Crusted Wild Alaskan Salmon and […]

Natural Approach to Dental Care 

Healthy Body Dental – A Natural Approach to Dental Care By William Stone The incorporation […]

Periodontal Treatment Dentist Clearwater FL

Future Health Trends 

There are many kinds of practicing dentists. There are cosmetic dentists, biologic dentists, general dentists, […]