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Holistic Dental Treatment in Clearwater

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Have you ever thought of a more holistic and natural approach to Dentistry?

At Healthy Body Dental of Clearwater, FL – Dr. Adams would like our office to be thought of as a holistic dental office. Our holistic dental approach to your oral care and dental health means we pay attention to your overall well-being. We understand the body is more than a constellation of symptoms, diseases and diagnostic indicators, but rather a collection of various complex systems that are all interrelated and interdependent. The most comprehensive health care provider addresses the whole persons overall health, including dental diagnosis and treatment.

Quite often, symptoms of ill health affect the health of the mouth, and sometimes disease of the mouth can affect other systems of the body. For this reason, maintaining good oral health is good for overall health. Relatively, accurately diagnosing oral problems can help with early detection of other, and possibly serious, physical ailments in other areas of the body. Healthy Body Dental addresses the mind, body, spirit of the patient, not just his or her teeth.

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Dear Dr. Adams,
I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Beth and I. As I am and sure you may know, we will not even consider a dental plan that doesn’t allow us to use your office. Your staff is very professional and they are enjoyable to be around. What a great crew you have.
Campbell J S – Your Staff is Very Professional

Dear Doctor Adams:
Nobody likes to go to a Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, let alone an automobile dealer but my visit to your office was so pleasant that I felt I should tell you of it. Unfortunately we people that deal with the public hear only complaints and very seldom receive bouquets when due, so many roses to you and your staff.
Harold V N – so pleasant you and your staff