Services offered at Healthy Body Dental in Clearwater

Dr. Adams practices general dentistry with a more natural and holistic approach to the services his provides. His office staff is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Any of the services you choose to be treated at his office will be done professionally and comprehensive giving you complete confidence with your dental treatment.

Mercury Free Dentist

Dr. Adams has not placed a mercury amalgam (silver) filling for over 25 years. He has done extensive research in offering Mercury Free Services and is a member of some the most recognized associates in the nation offering and continually education with these services.

Mercury Safe Dental Office

Dr. Adams is moving his dental office to be a Mercury Safe Dental Office which is different then being Mercury Free Dentist. The overall benefits to the patient and the staff is priceless. The mercury amalgam (silver) filling is considered by some to be hazardous to your health as well as the staff that removes them if not done with the right equipment. Our office is moving towards complete services of mercury free, mercury safe and green office for protecting our patients, staff and environment. Call for a consultation today.


Hg-Free Dentistry

(Mercury-Hg) The Symbol Hg that mercury is known by comes from its Greek name, hydrargyrum, which means liquid silver to reflect its shiny surface. The element is also known as quicksilver for mobility. Our office offers the service of a mercury safe as well as mercury free dental office.