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Referrals for the year 2015 has presented a significant change to our dental office. Our office is growing because our patients are sending their family and friends. We have experienced much growth from your referrals. We continue to enjoy each new patient for the blessing they are. We thank you for the blessed opportunity to help others. Thank you for your referrals.

Many new friends, many new skills and protocols. Dr. Adams has received special training in state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques so that he can take a natural approach to you care. We are continually learning new and better less expensive treatment that is both effective and less painful. He is committed to ensuring you receive only top-quality health-enhanced care and satisfaction. Your health and wellbeing is our goal and our pleasure. Thanks for allowing us to serve you. It always feels good to help another with our skills and talents. But the skills and talents are worthless without you to benefit.

At Healthy Body Dental, we consider your total health before making a recommendation to enhance your smile or your oral health. We know the choices our patients make will effect more than their smile.

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