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Anthony Adams DDS is a general dentist at Healthy Body Dental in Clearwater, FL., practicing a more natural & holistic approach to dentistry not only as mercury free dentist, but also a mercury safe dentist.

Choosing a dentist involves many factors.
Price is often a factor to why you choose a dentist.  Price is not the same as value.  How valuable over a lifetime is a healthy, beautiful, functional mouth?  Oral health effects every social interaction from job opportunity to spousal choices. Your oral health effects how others see and judge you.  Poor oral health contributes to poor total body health and has even been called a cause for heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.  Again, how valuable is good oral health?  The ability to properly chew food can be significant in your food choices. Those choices are a huge factor on how you feel.  Price should not be the determining factor when you consider your value in choices.  Choosing the right dentist can and will effect much more than your immedialte finances.  Price may be limiting factor, however, should never be the deciding factor in your choice of the dentist serving you. Price is not even a reliable indication of a good or not so good dentist.

How skilled is your dentist?

How skilled is the dentist you are considering?  This person (your dentist) will be making choices that will make a difference in your health and wealth over your lifetime.  You may only see your dentist once or twice a year.  Yet what happens at those visits will have a profound effect on your total health as well as oral health. What will be the real cost if your dentist does not have the skill, training, education and experience to make the best decisions for you?  You should always seek a dentist that loves being a dentist.   A dentist never becomes complacent, never bored, one who seeks to learn new knowledge, blends new and old techniques and approaches in the provision of good treatment to you.  The skillset of the dentist includes but is not limited to knowledge.  Skillset includes the ability and willingness to listen to all that makes you who you are, including past and present medical and dental history.  Skillset includes compassion for people and desire to help them be the best they can be, whatever the circumstances.

For one to be a good clinician, one must be non-judgmental knowing that the present is where we can make things better.

Experience is invaluable to the clinician.  It is the battlefield.   It is where one has put together action leading to the desired results.   One learns what works and does not.   You want a seasoned veteran of dentistry to be your dentist.   Experience counts after all your vetting is done.   After all considerations, go to the dentist who in your heart you trust.


About – Healthy Body Dental – Anthony J Adams DDS PA

At Healthy Body Dental we consider it all.  We will work with our patients health care providers to optimize the patient’s total health.   We consider everything about the individual patient before we recommend any treatment.   It would be rare for two patients to have the same health plan.  There are many variables to consider.   At Healthy Body Dental people have value and we see similarities but we value their uniqueness.   Therefore we take the time to respect them for the individuals they are and make individual recommendations that will help them optimize their health.

Dr. Anthony Adams is in Clearwater, FL and practices general dentistry.  With a more natural and cosmetic approach to dentistry in a nontraditional way.  Dr. Adams emphasizes the physiologic relationship between oral health and total body health.  Dr. Adams  has been a visionary in dentistry.  His practice interests have positioned him ahead of his peers as a dentist.  Dr. Adams  utilized new and old technologies much before the blend became common.  Oral Health Care from Dr. Adams office is always high-quality and personalized.

Dr. Anthony Adams belief, is in a more natural and minimally invasive approach to healing. By minimizing the use of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, ablation, or toxin applications in his practice his patients have a more natural dental treatment.  Healthy Body Dental offers care that supports the health of your other body functions, including heart, cancer, arthritis, and inflammatory diseases.  Dr. Adams dental practice believes in non-surgical, biological, holistic dentistry for ages 12 and up.  Your overall wellness is affected by your oral health and we work hard to provide you with dental services that improve the health of your entire body.

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What sets us apart?  We are a caring office located in Clearwater, Fl. Our interest is placed in the time we invest in our patients. Our goal is a result enhancing each patients’ total health. We are thorough and add value to the services that we give each patient.  We treat patients the way we would like to be treated.  We believe in mercury free, mercury safe dentistry with a holistic approach.

We believe in honesty, high quality and long term friendship with a promise to bring you a great service and satisfying experience.

We believe in age old tradition and new science that works.

Proud to be your Healthy Body Dental team using a natural approach to Dentistry.
Dr. Adams is a General Dentist, Mercury Free Dentist, Mercury Safe Dentist, Biological Dentist, Holistic Dentist, Natural Dentist,and Cosmetic Dentist.


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amalgam DAMS exists to help you get the information you need to understand the problem of mercury amalgam fillings and get help to recover from mercury poisoning. How does your dentistry effect your health?”
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