Along the way..make sure you have a happy healthy life.

I observe and listen to people from all levels of our diverse society. As I reflect on what they say and I reflect on my own life, it becomes immediately apparent that no one…I mean without exception, that no one does anything alone. We take the dreams, efforts, accomplishments as well as the losses, failures, sacrifices and pain of living that countless millions of people before us and alongside us experience now as we forge a life of our own. If I could do only one more thing, now in the fall of my life , it would be to personally thank those persons whose actions opened possibilities for me…with no gain to themselves expected. The problem with that is , they are for the most part deceased. Maybe, andI do hope so, they are on some level aware of my recognition of what they did for me and the gratitude I have for them now. As a young man the immediate and immediate future was the only reality I could see. Now I am not so young and can clearly see I was never alone…neither physical or spiritual planes. I plan to acknowledge some of those lives in this and future writings. It is fitting. The chronology may not be sequential but the accuracy and significance will bear my intention to share and maybe provoke you the reader to recognize you have not been alone and not alone now regardless if what you may now think and feel.

This has bee a strong guideline in my life to help folks of all walks of life and to let them know they are not alone.

Here at Healthy Body Dental we treat the person with the best possible dentistry with the advance that you are not alone and we are to help you with the best possible outcome to have a healthy happy life.

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