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Total Body Dental Health, today 49 out of 50 patients recognize there is a clear relationship between their oral health and their systemic health.

Recently I saw reported an archeological dig, which uncovered a human tooth purported to be 13,000 years old. The tooth had been treated in much the same way as we would today. The decay had been removed using an implement, than the tooth had been filled with an herbal concoction covered with a clay filling.

It is hard to understand why we have not advanced in our routine treatment protocols. It is more difficult to accept that current restorative dental protocols use toxic materials, which can have dire consequences. The questionable use of mercury amalgam as filling material has been debated for over 200 years. It is commonly accepted that mercury is extremely toxic. It is a neurotoxin.

Consider how highly regulated and controlled the use of mercury in the industry, except dentistry, where we commonly use it as a filling material that is known to degrade. Nevertheless, we place it inches from the brain. Other than dentistry, every industry handles mercury as a bio-hardous material, which is extremely toxic, easily absorbed by human tissue and most difficult to remove.

I do not know which would be more binding mercury to the bio-molecules of the human body or ignorance bound by traditions. I do not fault all dentists who have used mercury filings. All dentists have been highly trained and indoctrinated in the belief they are doing a good thing. I was with the majority most of my career. I thought the materials was wonderful to use, but it was not wonderful for the patients I treated. It was not safe for them. Considering the cost to their systemic and oral health, I do not believe I could say it was economical. Today without exception, I do not believe it should ever be used. I am equally passionate about how to remove it.

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