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Do you have Toxic Teeth?

What is more constant than change? Nothing! This is as true in dentistry as it is anywhere. In my clinical practice, I am using much more porcelain and much less metal restorative materials. Even the historically revered gold is less utilized. I do not like to use metals when much less energetically charged materials are an option. I believe the presence of metals placed in the body affect in some part the energetic functioning of life in the body. I do not believe the majority of currently practicing dentists would share that viewpoint. The viewpoint is gaining some attention nevertheless.

Today we have much better bonding and adhesive materials. These new materials allow more choices. The choices are superior to the old materials. I would never use mercury filling, yet many do. Setting aside the mercury filling issues such as toxicity, potential cracking of the natural tooth and the ugly unnatural appearance mercury fillings do not bond at all to the tooth. The newer materials allow us the opportunity to restore broken decayed teeth to full function and beauty in a much less invasive way. The study and benefits of mimetic dentistry is intriguing and exciting. Biomimetic dentistry means using materials that are not toxic to rebuild in a structural way the tooth to mimic undamaged natural beauty and function. Biomimetic dentistry seeks to bring tooth restoration back to the full status the tooth had before disease and decay.

In orthodontics the alignment of the individual teeth for the purpose of natural beauty and function is accomplished with adult as well as children in much less time than it used to be. in the past it was common to be fully banded for three or more years. Today, patients may be treated in as few ass six months. Each case and each doctor is different. Although each orthodontic case is different, there are more protocols available.

Implant systems and the clinical experience of individual doctors has vastly increased an individual patients options. It is critical that the patient vet the doctor and exercise discernment when choosing the doctor placing the implant and the doctor restoring the implant.

As our population experiences more and worse issues with obesity, our people’s health declines proportionally. The increase in numbers and degree of obesity has become a very disturbing statistic. We are experiencing more heart disease, more diabetes, more strokes, more cancer and on and on. The more obesity we see, the more sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances we have. Dentistry can fabricate oral appliances that the breathing obstructions. This requires like other new technology a constant study. It requires an experienced dentist who can offer treatment in this emerging clinical area of dentistry.

The ability to diagnose has been greatly enhanced with digital X-rays and 3D radiology There are now special lights that reveal abnormality in tissue sometimes before it becomes malignant These lights can reveal cancers before they are otherwise observable.

Special blood tests can diagnose in known or unseen conditions before they are otherwise known.

Everything is changing. Ultimately these changes will affect the patient-consumer. For example, three percent of my graduating dental school class was female. Todays class will be closer to fifty-three percent female. The average debt the dental school graduate bears today is 281,000 dollars If they specialize, that debt may be 500,000 dollars. As corporate dentistry increases and private solo practice declines, I question where will these new young doctors get the mentoring and experience in an environment that is not money and quota driven? How will their situational experience affect the service to the patient? Many will leave full time dentistry around their 7th year out of school to establish their families. Of course I am not saying this scenario is true for every new graduate. I am saying these are real consideration and certainly will be part of the change affecting the patient-consumer.

Group dentistry is evolving . In group dentistry, doctors will band together sharing each other’s expertise while minimizing expenses driven by the high cost of emerging technology.
In the future articles, I will discuss these things. Until we meet again, Happy Trails to you.

If you are in need of a dentist or a second opinion, we would love to serve you and let you judge for yourself a difference in your health when all aspects of your health are considered. At our dental office we consider how your oral health affect your total body health and how your total body health affects your oral health.

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