What does it take to be healthly by Dr. Anthony Adams

Dr. Anthony Adams

Doctor Adam believes to be healthy, we must recognize and be responsible to the facts. Genetics many be involved. Lifestyle and nutritional choices are the factors, which we have to control. To assume that which we call food and purchase in the market place is nutritious, nourishing or good for us is a fatal mistake. To believe a pharmaceutical medicine address the cause of an illness may be also fatal. Pharmaceutical medicine commonly does not affect the cause of illness. It does address the symptoms in most cases.

There is no solution in any government mandated healthcare legislation. Our governing agencies are arguing about money and control, not wellness. An affordable wellness system implemented would address the true cause or disease. It would educate. It would address the relationship between the FDA, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the centralized medical industry initiated and controlled be John D Rockefeller in the early 20th century to present.

With access to information thru the Internet, more and more people are willing and wanting to siff thru the misinformation to discuss the truth.

More and more health care providers are also looking for cause. These are valuable people. They are courageous to stand in the establishment and seek, when there can be conflict between what they were taught and what they find. I know because many physicians are open to alternatives and I work with them.

I have found new truths in dentistry that are in conflict with what I was taught decades ago. Things do change, but so slow. All I can say is be responsible to yourself. Do not assume others will. Many people come to my office seeking second opinions, I see many diverse situations, and I offer this advice. In choosing your healthcare provider consider 4 questions. First; what education did the provider have and continue to have? Second; How much experience do they have? Third, very important what is their agenda? Fourth; What does your intuitive heart tell you? Remember the title “Doctor” does not mean healer. Only God Heals! “Doctor” means leader and/or teacher. I teach our patients that the least treatment that achieves the desired result is the best treatment. I believe this is true dentistry and medicine.

If you come to our office expect a warm, caring reception. Also expect allot of attention on you total body health as I know you cannot have oral health with illness elsewhere. Oral health and total body health cannot be separated. Poor gum health has been associated with diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, osteoporosis and others. I do not practice medicine. I practice dentistry and work with physicians who know and appreciate the value to the patient when a dentist and physician work together to achieve oral health and total body health.

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