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What’s on my mind? Forward or Behind. Let’s talk forward first. The future of individual health and dentistry will depend on many issues such as personal responsibility, individual affordability, treatment accessibility and who is president! Oh my gosh, never before in a lifetime of practicing the noble profession of Dentistry (40 years), has life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and all aspects of personal security felt so threatened. Neither candidate can say they are without flaws. They are both obviously flawed. A very different destiny will unfold depending on the election result. It will affect everyone for decades. This election, will affect so many relationships, personal and business. It will affect international borders for immigration and trade. It will preserve or destroy the constitution. If the constitution is changed our government and judicial system will make laws and judgments that will determine what freedom you will have or not have.

Depending on the outcome of this election, your body and how it is cared for will be very different. There are laws now pending that would dictate your compliance to mandated vaccinations or, pending legislation currently effecting 38 States noncompliance would result in loss of healthcare provisions.

Today there are emerging technologies if, allowed in the future, to be developed in a free market, will provide us life extending and life enhancing benefits. If healthcare remains a free market industry it will attract brighter and better-qualified individuals. If Government controls it, the outcome will not be good. The individual will not have the choice. Freedom to choose the treatment or the provider would end, as we know it. This is never good in healthcare. Socialized medicine is bad enough, but socialized Dentistry is a disaster everywhere it has been the only option. It is my belief that if the election goes the progressive route, that seasoned competent clinician’s who had to compete in the free market to succeed and exist will leave the practice of dentistry. One of the prime motivating reasons many people chose dentistry as a career was the opportunity to exchange a freely chosen benefit that helps people in a free market. When choice is lost, he vested provider is out of the options, you will only have providers who are not personally vested in the result. Now let’s talk past or behind. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is now and tomorrow. That is enough to handle. From the looks of it, it may be more than we are willing to handle.

Both candidates are sorely flawed. One who may be crude, distasteful and rude. The other who is scare fully shielded, protected and not accountable to truth or to beliefs of “truth, honesty the American Way”. You will choose, as will I perhaps on who is a bigger risk. Whatever we all will be affected.There is no neutral.

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