When I was a Kid in Dunedin Florida

Anthony J Adams DDS in his office

When I was a kid, 9-10 years old, I would ride my western flyer bike from my home to a 5 and 10 cent store next to the Dunedin Marina in Dunedin, Florida. Once there, I would purchase a small amount of frozen shrimp. With the shrimp, I would caught pinfish. The pinfish alive would sell for 2-3 cents, dead for less. I would earn a couple of dollars part of which I would buy a soda and a sweet roll. The rest, I saved for something else. And thus I became a businessman with a product. I have seen our little town of Dunedin in Florida grow and change. I have seen the little bungalow home that would sell for $10,000 dollars now sell for $300,000. I have seen Main Street Frontage change from 5 & 10 cent store, a western auto, a grocery store, a sundry store, and a movie theater which cost 35 cents. Now to see the changes throughout the years of making history here in Dunedin it really is an eye opener. Dunedin Florida today is one of the must go to spots known for the beaches, pine forest and Honeymoon Island. Who would ever guess. It was a wonderful childhood growing up in Dunedin Florida. Dr. Anthony Adams – Healthy Body Dental
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