The Importance of Proper Vitamin Levels

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Did you ever wonder why some people get cavities when they do everything correct? They brush, they floss, they don’t eat sweets and on and on. Then there are those who do nothing preventative. They do not regularly brush, they never floss and yet these people get few if any cavities.

I used to wonder why a patient of mine whom I had known for many years during which they rarely had a cavity would suddenly get allot over a short period of time. I used to wonder why those inconsistencies were real and observable.

I have seen patients with osteoporosis consume calcium supplements to no avail. I have seen other patients who took no calcium supplements not have osteoporosis or tooth decay. I have learned tooth decay, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis commonly have a vitamin K12 deficiency.

We now know there are ten K vitamins which have independent functions. For example while K1 is involved in the blood clotting mechanism, K2 activates osteocalcin and matrix G1a protein (GMP) K2 activates GMP to remove calcium in the blood vessel plaque reportedly reducing atherosclerosis as much as 50% in 60 days.

To have osteocalcin and GMP one must have vitamin A and vitamin D. So what does this mean? It’s another example of more chemical prescriptions not being the only answer for osteoporosis diseased hearts and blocked blood vessels. Yes nutrition does offer a less threatening option. K2 deficiency is also implicated in diabetes insulin resistance. It is also implemented in autoimmune deficiency.

Why do I bring this up? Because it is not enough for dental therapy to only consider the repair. It should also consider all possible contributing causes to dental disease and the effect of dental disease on the rest of the body.

At Healthy Body Dental we do that. We work with physicians who know you cannot separate health of the body from health of the mouth. If you are in need of a dental second opinion or a dentist, we would love to serve you and let you judge for yourself a difference in your health when all aspects of your health is considered.

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