A Healthier Smile in a Small, Simple Package.  One Tablet, Once a Day.

  • Dissolve one mint-flavored EvoraPro tablet on your tongue daily.
  • The patented probiotics in EvoraPro bind to teeth and reach under the gums.
  • Probiotics crowd out undesirable bacteria and establish beneficial bacteria.
  • The correct balance of bacteria supports healthier teeth and gums, freshens breath, and whitens your smile.

Easy to Use

For best results, take your EvoraPro tablet in the evening, after your regular oral care regimen and ideally 30 minutes after using any oral rinse. Let the tablet dissolve on your tongue. The probiotics go to work immediately, reaching below gums and adhering to teeth, freshening and whitening, while crowding out undesirable bacteria.

Start Now

EvoraPro gives you the tool to help protect your dental care investment…and your dentists and hygienists hard work!

Just after your professional dental cleaning, your mouth is at it’s freshest and cleanest and your teeth their whitest.

This is a good time to introduce EvoraPro to help extend those benefits.

Your professional cleaning has neutralized the undesirable bacteria in your mouth.

EvoraPro establishes the beneficial bacteria essential to support good oral health.

With continued daily use, EvoraPro maintains that proper balance of beneficial bacteria, establishing an optimal environment for gum and tooth health.

EvoraPro naturally whitens teeth and freshens breath


EvoraPro is available immediately to consumers. One box equals a 90-day supply, which is typically all it takes to notice brighter, whiter teeth and fresher breath!

About Oral Probiotics

“Probiotics” is an increasingly common term in healthcare, often associated with digestive health.  Just as probiotic yogurts promote beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in our digestive systems, EvoraPro oral probiotics promotes the necessary beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in our mouths.  The delicate balance of bacteria is constantly challenged by stress, medication, illness, what we eat and drink, and how often we’re able to brush.  Once-daily EvoraPro helps fight back, replenishing the “good” bacteria we need.

One Tablet, Once a Day

Supports Healthier Teeth and Gums

Naturally Freshens Breath- Safety Whitens Teeth.

My smile. My Health. My way.

A Patented blend of three beneficial bacteria naturally present in healthy mouths.